Act Now

Allegheny River, Pittsburgh skyline. photo: Clean Water Action

Tell Mayor Peduto to make an investment into our communities by helping to fund strategic green infrastructure projects.

Pennsylvania Capitol, photo: Clean Water Action

Email your legislators and Governor Wolf today and tell them to oppose any code bill that includes anti-environmental amendments.

Aisle in a store, blurred. Photo credit: gyn9037 / Shutterstock

Albertsons is one of the top grocery chains in the US with subsidiaries like Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Acme, Shaw's and Randalls and a total of 2,200 stores across the country. This summer, tell Albertsons it’s time for a Detox!

Protect the Great Lakes, Shut Down Line 5

Oil pipelines present unacceptable risks and do not belong in the Great Lakes. Submit a public comment supporting decommissioning Line 5.

The Monocacy River is the largest Maryland tributary to the Potomac, has a watershed of 970 square miles, and is the source of more than a quarter of Frederick City’s drinking water – but it’s also under threat.  Impaired by phosphorus, nitrogen, and sediment according to the Maryland Department of the Environment, and impacted by historic and current polluted runoff and erosion, it has poor water quality and insufficient habitat for local plants and animals.  A group of Frederick and Carroll County residents have been working to update the Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan, a document

Oil and gas operations

Despite President Trump’s disastrous decision to pull out the Paris Climate Accords, states across the country remain committed to working to address climate change and protect public health. Governor Wolf is leading the charge in Pennsylvania by pushing measures to address methane emissions from new oil and gas operations. 

Minnesota Capitol building (istock, fotoguy22)

Take action today and urge your legislators to prioritize clean water, the environment and public health.

Costco sign cc

Costco recently unveiled Smart Screening Program to test for chemicals of concern. Thank Costco for taking action and urge them to continue to make progress on toxic chemicals.

Solar Installation. Photo credit: Brookhaven National Lab / Flickr-Creative Commons

Send a message to the Governor today and ask him to focus on renewable energy during the special session in July!