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Michigan is the only state in the US without a statewide septic code, and currently only 13 out of our 83 counties have septic codes that require inspections. Recently, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners established a workgroup to investigate Oakland County’s septic problem. This is a big step in the right direction and will hopefully lead to a countywide septic code that includes regular inspections of septic systems.

Contact your County Commissioner today and urge them to adopt a countywide septic code.

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Rhode Island and Maine recently banned a class of flame retardants called organohalogens and it’s time for Minnesota to do the same! Ask your lawmakers to stand with the health of families and firefighters today.

flooded sewer grate / photo: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Contact your Representative today and tell them to replace our water infrastructure instead of shifting the burden of failing infrastructure to Michigan families.

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Your legislators won't change their bad voting records or continue to bravely vote with the environment unless they know you're paying attention. Contact your legislators and let them know what you think of their grades!

McConway and Torley West Baghouse

The McConway and Torley Steel Foundry in Lawrenceville is one of the worst polluters in Allegheny County. Tell ACHD no more excuses, issue a permit now that factors in the needs of the community not the company.

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Act now, by contacting your State House representative and State Senator and urging them to take a stand for water by investing in updating and replacing our crumbling water infrastructure!

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Every three years, Connecticut examines and adjusts our energy policy to make sure it is serving our best interests.  But the draft Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES) for 2018-20, released in July, misses too many opportunities. 

Join Clean Water Action in calling for a stronger CES, one that includes a specific road map to a renewable future. 

Here are just two of the opportunities we cannot afford to miss. 

graphic: Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative

The only way to eliminate lead from our drinking water is to replace the lead pipes that deliver water to our households. Take action today.