Protecting New Jersey's Waters

Promoting clean, safe water from watershed to water tap. Campaigns for safe, affordable drinking water support integrated and innovative water policies to conserve, protect and restore water systems for our communities and environment.

Pink Sky, a stream in a forest. Photo credit: Julia Shepeleva / Shutterstock

Protecting NJ's Special Places

Working to protect critical land and water resources in the Garden State from pollution and overdevelopment. Main focus includes NJ Highlands, the Pinelands, and Barnegat Bay.


Tell the Pinelands Commission: No SJ Gas Pipeline in the Pinelands!

The highly controversial South Jersey Natural Gas application for a 23-mile, mile gas pipeline through the protected Pinelands forest preserve is b

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Green Water Infrastructure

Green infrastructure uses innovative approaches to reduce storm water and sewage overflows, protect NJ’s water resources and drinking water, create green jobs and reduce climate change impacts including flooding and salt water intrusion.

Pallone's New Drinking Water Bill Provides Needed Protections

Action needed given Christie's failures to heed scientific advice on known contamination in New Jersey

From We All Live Downstream

June 15, 2015

By Alessandro Ciari, former community organizer with Clean Water Action and student, Montclair State University