Thank the President for Protecting Clean Water!

We are celebrating our biggest victory for clean water in more than a decade!

In May, on the banks of the Anacostia River in Washington, DC, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jo-Ellen Darcy signed the final Clean Water Rule.  With this historic action, the Obama administration is protecting the drinking water sources for one and three Americans.  Thank the President for protecting your water!

#MakeExxonPayMore - Day of Action June 4

makeexxonpaymoreWhen: Thursday, June 4, 2015, 9:00 AM
Where: 145 West Hanover Street, Trenton, NJ 08618
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2015 Legislative Priorities Update

Groundwater and the Drought

SB 20 (Pavley): Last year’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was passed in response to record levels of overpumping groundwater  that have caused hundreds of wells to go dry and caused ground subsidence in some parts of the state. In the State Assembly, more than a dozen bills have been introduced to limit the scope of the groundwater legislation or delay its already slow implementation. Senator Pavley, on the other hand has introduced a bill that will help implement SGMA. SB 20 addresses a long-standing problem in state law that makes it illegal for the state to release critical information to the public.

100 Years of Pollution. Don't Let Exxon off the Hook!

makeexxonpaymoreThe Christie Administration is letting Exxon off the hook for 100 years of pollution of NJ's waterways. Don't let them get away with it!

The CSHC Newsletter - May 2015

We’re working hard to protect your health!!


Mind the Store—pushing top retailers to shift away from toxic chemicals—and winning!

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy CT continues to work with our national colleagues on the Mind the Store campaign.  We identified the top 10 retailers and are urging them to move away from using toxic chemicals in their products.  Over the past months, we’ve had several major successes:

"Toxic Hot" Seat Film Screening

A Powerful New Film on the Toxic Dangers in Our Homes - Reserve your seat today for Toxic Hot Seat – May 28th

Toxic Hot Seat

Are the flame retardant chemicals in your couch toxic?

Toxic Hot Seat, an HBO documentary, brings to light the deadly consequences of well-intentioned safety regulations. The film follows a courageous group of firefighters and mothers, journalists and scientists, politicians and activists as they fight to expose the chemical industry’s role in backing flammability standards that require toxic flame retardant use in our homes.

A "D" on the Environment

The Florida legislature officially adjourned on May 1, 2015, which can be considered to be one of the worst legislative sessions in the past decade. Annually, Clean Water Action gives the overall session a grade and our state leaders received an unflattering grade of a D-. Why the low rating? Learn more here.

Oil and Gas Wastewater Reform Needed

Take Action!
Kern River Field

Kern River oil field, Bakersfield, CA (Sarah Craig, Faces of Fracking)

As California faces one of the worst droughts in recorded history, State officials have disclosed that they have for many decades allowed oil and gas companies to inject oil and gas wastewater and other contaminated fluids into aquifers that may suitable to be used as drinking water. Oil and gas wastewater is nasty stuff, high in salinity, toxic chemicals and sometimes containing radioactive material. New data has revealed that the wastewater from fracking in California contains cancer-causing benzene and other toxic chemicals hundreds of times the legal limit for drinking water.

Tell Congress to Stand up for Clean Water

Why the Clean Water Rule is ImportantBig Polluters and their Dirty Water Allies in Congress are trying to block progress on closing polluter loopholes in the Clean Water Act.  Contact Congress today and tell them you want them to stand up for your right to clean water!

Thanks to hundreds of thousands clean water supporters, the decade-long campaign to restore protections for wetlands and streams is nearing the finish line.  The Obama administration will soon finish a new Clean Water Rule to close these polluter loopholes and ensure that the drinking water sources for 1 and 3 Americans are better protected from pollution and development.  Polluters and their Dirty Water allies in Congress must not be allowed to stop or delay this long overdue progress for our water.

Tell Congress you want them to protect our nation’s vital water resources.   If polluters are successful at blocking the Clean Water Rule, over 60% of our nation’s streams will remain vulnerable to pollution and development. 

Climate and Energy Updates in Connecticut

We have a chance to recover our momentum on Connecticut's fight against climate change pollution. The Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs are convening a meeting on kick-starting the climate plan.

The big news: Governor Malloy has committed to be there in person! He will also be joined by Keri Enright-Kato, new Director of the Office of Climate Change at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. 

This is the best chance we've had in years for real climate action.

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