Massachusetts Actions

paint stripper / photo: (CC BY 2.0)

Tell Trump’s EPA: Ban these dangerous chemicals now!

Last year, EPA proposed bans on two toxic chemicals found in paint strippers, and a third chemical solvent. But now the Trump administration is dragging it's feet and leaving workers and consumers at risk of illness, and even death.

Leaders and laggards on toxic chemicals

Tell America’s top retailers: Take action on toxic chemicals in your products!

Who's Minding the Store, the 2017 Retailer Report Card was released recently. Act now to contact nine retailers who are failing to protect consumers.

Let's Ban Toxic Flame Retardants Together-Write to your Legislator

Please contact your state legislators now and ask them to support An Act to protect children, families, and firefighters from harmful flame retardants.

The Bay State Needs a Price on Carbon

We are all aware of the devastating impacts climate change could have on Massachusetts, intensifying storms and wreaking havoc on aging infrastructure. Tell Governor Baker to lead on climate.