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Methane flare, black smoke. Photo credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

Stop Another Giveaway to Oil and Gas

Congress is at it again. Big polluters and their friends are pushing an extreme agenda to gut our most important environmental, health and public protections. The attacks have started fast and furious, with handouts to the oil, gas and coal industry emerging as a top priority for Congressional Republicans.

The next big vote in the Senate that we are fighting is an attack on clean air, the climate and our wallets. Last year the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) finalized a commonsense policy to reduce the amount of wasted natural gas and methane from oil and gas drilling on public lands. Every year the oil and gas industry flares or vents more than $330 million worth of gas that could be used to heat or power our homes. BLM's rule charges royalties on this wasted gas, resulting in new revenue for taxpayers, cleaner air and less climate changing methane pollution.

Taxpayers are losing out, and, more importantly, the public health of communities near this drilling is being put at risk. BLM's rule is a good solution that means less wasted gas, more money for taxpayers, cleaner air and better public health. It just makes sense that we would make oil companies stop this reckless practice, and pay their fair share for wasting a valuable resource.

There are affordable technologies that oil and gas companies can use to reduce the gas they leak. But they don't want to. So their friends are trying to undo the rule with the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Not only would the rule be repealed, but the CRA means that we won't be able to create a similar safeguard in the future. 

We need to ramp up the pressure and protect our climate, air and wallets. Can you send a message to your Senator today?

This isn’t the first attack on our environment with the new Congress. And we know it certainly won’t be the last. Transparency will be key to holding the Trump Administration and Congress accountable as they attempt to dismantle everything we hold dear. So we have created a Congressional tracker, to keep an eye on their attacks on our water, air, climate and health. We’ll be updating this regularly and highlighting Members of Congress in areas where we work, so stay tuned and stay engaged.

Check it out and call your Senators!