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Buy. More. Stuff. (Actually don't) - Sustainable Shopping Tips

We like a good deal as much as anyone. But you know that paying a lot less for something you don’t really want or need is really no bargain at all.

Some of this weekend’s "bargains" will end up in a landfill or incinerator when they break or become obsolete, maybe as soon as a few months from now. Many of our purchases can have other big environmental and social impacts, too. They can be over-packaged and non-recyclable, and offshore or irresponsible manufacturing can pollute air, land and water and endanger workers’ health and the communities where they operate.

Here’s a simple framework we hope you’ll consider to help guide your shopping and gift-giving decisions:

  1. Don’t Buy Anything. You’d be surprised how often making something yourself or re-purposing something you already have ends up being the right choice, with the lowest cost and the smallest footprint.
  2. Buy Local. Buy Organic. Buy Fair Trade. Local purchases and items that have earned Organic or Fair Trade certifications are often the most sustainable and a better value over the long term.
  3. Reduce Single-Use Disposables. Durable, re-usable goods and products save resources and protect our water from unnecessary trash and pollution.
  4. Make a gift to Clean Water Fund & Get a Head Start on Giving Tuesday. There’s no wasteful packaging. No toxic manufacturing. No shipping involved. 100% satisfaction knowing you’re taking a stand to Protect Clean Water at a time when your involvement has never been more important.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.