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The story of 2018: You.

Clean Water members and activists are part of a big story. It's a story that special interests and their allies in Congress and the White House don’t want to hear.

Last December we were preparing to face the second year of most anti-environmental Congress we’d ever seen and an a President steadily carrying out his Dirty Water Agenda and doing his best to take apart the basic protections we all rely on.

We wondered if we were going to be able to keep motivating people to puch back and keep holding our elected officials accountable to us.

The results are in ─ we shouldn't have wondered. You were ready to keep on keeping on for our water and health.

Clean Water members sent more than 110,000 handwritten letters, personalized postcards, and emails to elected officials across the country. Clean Water voters made their voices heard at the ballot box. Parents and activists joined us for actions at big box stores to demand retailers get toxic chemicals out of the products they sell. Constituents showed up at legislators' town halls and offices to lay out their concerns about water and health. You took action time and time again - and it has made a real difference.

The story isn't turning out the way the special interests wanted it to because people like you never gave up. You might have only sent one email this year or made a phone call or shared a story on social media. But it made a difference. All of us together ─ making noise, getting our friends and family involved, drawing lines in the sand ─ all of it, is huge.

We slowed and stopped many of the polluters’ worst proposals, but it's not over. The special interests and their elected allies may not have accomplished everything on their dirty water agenda this year, but they have caused serious damage that we will need to clean up. They are not going to give up. We can’t give up either. And we won't, especially as long you are with us.

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