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Let's Break Free from Plastic

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When the summer weather’s nice, and even when it’s not, clean water means fun for everyone.

Let’s keep it that way.

Donate now to join Clean Water Action and fight the rising tide of single-use disposable plastic trash that threatens our water and our health.

Clean Water Action’s award-winning ReThink Disposable campaign is working directly with businesses and consumers to phase out the use of single-use disposable items that end up in our trash and in our water. Clean Water Action members are helping us campaign successfully to ban some of the worst of those single-use items, from flimsy plastic bags to foam foodware. The plastics and petrochemical industries are fighting back.

Your donation helps Clean Water Action bring more people power to the fight.

Make your gift today and join us and communities across the U.S. make this month a Plastic-Free July.