Keep Michigan's Water Public

Hands making heart symbol in front of Lake Michigan

Michigan’s water belongs to all of us. Currently our water is at risk of over-extraction and privatization. Water bottling companies, like Nestle, take public-owned water, bottle it, and sell it as if it were a commodity. As drought conditions are further exacerbated by climate change across much of the world, the demand for Michigan’s water will only increase. Now is the time to protect our water and ensure it remains a public resource by reversing the water-bottling loophole in the Great Lakes Compact and extending public trust protections in statute to include groundwater.

Act now and ask your Lansing lawmakers to support and champion legislation that will clarify that all of our water - both surface and ground sources - belong to the people of Michigan and cannot be sold or traded for private financial gain. Our Michigan legislature must act now to ensure that Michigan’s water remains a public resource - not a commodity.