100 for Clean Water

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Be a difference maker when it comes to the environment, our health, our future. Become 1 of the 100 for Clean Water.

Our Vision 

Unite individuals for positive action by pooling their resources and deciding together where to direct 100 for Clean Water funds next year. 

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Our Goal 

Identify 100 or more individuals each year who will participate in 100 for Clean Water. Programs to choose from this year:

  • Clean Water - Resist environmental policy and budget rollbacks - largely won over the past 40 years due to our grassroots action. Stand up for health and environmental protections from watershed to watertap. 
  • ReThink Disposable™ – Focus on eliminating the use of plastics, foam and “single-use disposables” (SUDs) at its greatest source — restaurants, food trucks, and institutions. This is an effective voluntary program proven to save small businesses thousands of dollars every year, as well as actively engage the public and businesses in the larger “Reuse Revolution”. The World Economic Forum predicts that there will be more plastics (by weight) in the ocean than fish by 2050.
  • Climate Change – Secure state policies designed to achieve a 100% green economy by 2050. Create wide range of family-supporting jobs. Ensure climate justice in disproportionately impacted communities of color and low income. As a result, the Garden State will be more economically sustainable and ecologically resilient to future climate impacts.

Contribute to the Vision and Programs

Your personal donation gives you the ability to vote for one (1) of the showcased programs where clean water is at its core. You will be given two votes to cast for donating $1,000 or more. You will be given one vote to cast for donating $500. Total amount of funds raised will be designated to one 100 for Clean Water program next year. 

Count Me In! I Want to Be Part of 100 for Clean Water

  • OnlinePlease click here to make your donation
  • Mail: Send a check made payable to Clean Water Fund (indicate program choice in memo) to: Clean Water Fund, 198 Brighton Avenue, 2nd Floor, Long Branch, NJ 07740.