Act Now on Climate: Sign the Jersey Renews Petition!

Solar Panel Image. Source_Jersey Renews

Climate change poses a massive threat to New Jersey. We will see increased flooding and extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy. We can’t wait to take action: the time is now. Addressing climate change brings opportunities for New Jersey to prepare for the future—by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing dangerous and deadly air pollution, and creating and securing good, green jobs, we can move toward a truly clean energy future.

Clean Water Action is part of Jersey Renews, a broad-based coalition labor, faith, community and environmental organizations that are urging our elected officials to Act Now. New Jersey must be a leader in progressive policy going forward. We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution while maintaining and creating jobs, and securing economic benefits for the people most affected.

Please sign the Jersey Renews petition urging New Jersey's elected officials to take steps to fight climate change and protect good jobs.