Action Alert: We Must Stop the Dumping of Nuclear Waste in Cape Cod Bay

Photo of Cape Cod Bay (Source: Canva)

Holtec International, an energy industry company, is planning on dumping millions of gallons of wastewater contaminated by nuclear waste from their Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, into Cape Cod Bay. 

The nuclear station was shut down in 2019 but the decommissioning process is no small feat. Nuclear waste is hazardous as it contains radioactive contaminants that cannot be filtered out. Dumping gallons of wastewater into Cape Cod poses danger to marine life and human health due to water contamination and bioaccumulation up the food chain. 

Attorney General Maura Healey had pledged to protect Cape Cod Bay and to place a preliminary injunction on Holtec to prohibit the dumping of nuclear waste in the Bay. 

We must support this fight against Holtec International and protect our water and food.

Take action by reaching out to your local representative and asking them to urge Attorney General Healey to obtain a preliminary injunction to halt Holtec.