Connecticut, let's ban toxic PFAS chemicals in packaging


Good news! SB 926 to ban toxic PFAS chemicals in packaging has passed the Senate Environment Committee. Now the bill goes to a vote in the Senate - please contact your Senators today.

PFAS are a class of toxic chemicals found in everyday products: in cookware, food packaging, stain resistant carpets and clothing, some cosmetics, outdoor gear, and even dental floss. PFAS chemicals are linked to cancer, high cholesterol, birth defects, suppression of vaccines, and other serious health effects. 

Because it is difficult to completely avoid exposure to PFAS, we are working to stop the use of these toxic chemicals in Connecticut. SB 926 is another important measure to protect health and the environment as often packaging is single use and ends up in incinerators and landfills where they don’t break down. Passing this would make Connecticut a leader nationwide.

Take Action! Send a message to your Senator today. We've provided a sample message below, but using your own words will help make an even bigger impact. Please add a sentence or two about why you don’t want toxic PFAS in packaging.