Contact your legislators today to tell them to protect Rhode Islanders from toxic PFAS

RI_PFAS action .jpg

You’ve been hearing from us for years about the dangers of PFAS and why it's so important that our Rhode Island legislators enact policies to remove these chemicals from our food packaging. We finally have the opportunity to get a PFAS bill (HB5356 and S110) over the finish line, but your representatives need to hear from you.

PFAS or per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances can be toxic to humans and yet they are found in our food packaging. PFAS have been linked to:

  • kidney and testicular cancer
  • liver malfunctionth
  • yroid diseases
  • delayed puberty
  • early menopause in women
  • reduced immune system responses in children, and
  • birth defects in newborns

They are used to make some food packaging (pizza boxes, bakery paper, microwave popcorn bags, and more) resistant to grease and water and they can leach into the food we eat. The good news is that there are plenty of safer alternatives that are already in use.

Take Action! Urge your legislators to support legislation (HB5356 and S110) to ban PFAS from food packaging in Rhode Island. Now more than ever we need to protect public health. We shouldn't have to worry about toxic chemicals coating our pizza boxes, bakery paper, and microwave popcorn bags. State governments need to take a stand to protect the most vulnerable populations now.