Don't Let Trump Roll Back Bedrock Protections -- Protect NEPA!

Pipeline / photo: Graphic Stock

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is our nation’s foundational environmental law that requires the federal government to consider the environmental impacts of projects. Though lesser known than other environmental laws, it has informed federal agency decision-making about protecting public health and the environment and given the public a voice in decision-making since 1970. The Trump administration has proposed changes that would dramatically weaken NEPA, making it harder for communities to speak out against risky or poorly planned projects. This proposal would be bad for our water, climate, and public participation. It limits scrutiny of the environmental impacts of major projects, including fossil fuel development, highways, dams and more.

Among the worst aspects of this proposal:

  • Excludes climate change impacts from the NEPA review process (e.g., oil and gas drilling and the permitting of coal power plants);
  • Imposes unpractical time limits for environmental impact statements and assessments;
  • Allows corporations to conduct their own environmental reviews;
  • Restricts and marginalizes public comment on environmental reviews.

We can't let this rollback happen. Send a message to the Council on Environmental Quality today!