Fund Climate Justice & Good Jobs

NJ Fund climate justice

Governor Murphy has released his draft 2022 budget. In what was a surprisingly flush budget, we are shocked to see that there are still proposed raids to the Clean Energy Fund and NJ Transit is still underfunded. The climate crisis clock is ticking. We can't allow a budget to be finalized that doesn't meet the gravity of this moment. Write a letter to the Assembly and Senate Budget Committee members as well as to your own state legislators, and tell them that a 2022 budget that cuts clean energy dollars and underfunds mass transit is unacceptable! 

New Jersey borrowed billions of dollars at the beginning of the pandemic when our finances appeared dire, but now we are sitting on a massive unexpected surplus. We should be using this money to invest in long term, job-creating projects that can bring us into the clean energy future. Science says we have less than a decade left to avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Investing in mass transit capital improvements and clean energy projects can both create excellent jobs and move our state away from fossil fuels.

Write to the legislative budget committees and ask them to propose resolutions to fully fund NJ Transit and the Clean Energy Fund. Our climate future depends on the actions we take right now.