Get Lead Service Lines out of Malden!

Corroded lead pipes

Currently, at least 25% of the service lines that deliver water into homes are made out of lead - a dangerous neurotoxin. Currently, property owners are expected to pay to replace half of the line. This leaves behind many of our neighbors. No one should be priced out of safe drinking water. You can help make the change! 

When old lead pipes age, lead particles break off the inside of the pipe and travel with the water, out of the tap, and into our bodies. There is no safe amount of lead in drinking water. Lead accumulates in the body over time (in bones and teeth), even small amounts can create serious health impacts. In fact, some of the health effects from chronic lead exposure are more subtle but have very serious consequences especially for people of color. For young people this includes attention difficulties, behavior changes, lowered IQ, and overall slowed development.

These are only a few of the health impacts associated with lead exposure, which is why scientists and medical professionals say that there is no safe amount of lead when it comes to its presence in our water and in our blood streams.

Right now, not everyone can afford to replace their lead service line- which leaves low income communities and renters especially vulnerable to the effects of lead.

A growing number of cities are working to address this issue by covering the entire cost of lead service line replacement. With your help, we can make Malden one of these cities!