Help Protect the Potomac River from Toxic Sewage Dumping

Nasty Brown liquid discharged from a pipe. Photo credit: Dragana Gerasimoski / Shutterstock

The City of Alexandria’s combined sewer system dumps untreated sewage into local waterways and the Potomac River. Raw sewage contains E. coli and other pathogens, and is the primary reason areas of the Potomac are closed to swimming nearly every time it rains.

Upgrading sewage infrastructure and upholding current federal and state regulations can help resolve this major form of pollution. Under a new Clean Water Act permit issued by Virginia, Alexandria must develop a plan to reduce sewage pollution. Unfortunately, the city plans to keep dumping more than 70 million gallons of contaminated water per year into Oronoco Bay and the Potomac for decades to come!

Take Action! Tell the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to make sure Alexandria’s long term plan will lead to real improvements in water quality and help restore the Potomac to a “fishable and swimmable” waterway as envisioned and required by the Clean Water Act!