Help us reach the finish line on product safety

Beakers. Photo credit: Africa Studios / Shutterstock

California’s ground-breaking Safer Consumer Products (SCP) program creates a scientifically based regulatory structure so that product manufacturers can explore safer alternatives to toxic chemicals in the products they sell here. This program is a win for Californians who want to protect their families and the environment, as well as for companies who want to meet market demands for safer products, both in this state and beyond. Help us make it stronger today.

While the SCP program has made some progress over the last decade, like getting rid of flame retardants in children’s nap mats and making progress eradicating chemicals like methylene chloride in paint strippers, it has been too slow. Barriers include limited data on chemicals in products and an inability for the program to move forward if another state acts first.

SB 392 addresses some of the challenges of the SCP so it can move more quickly and protectively. It gives the regulators the authority to “call in” chemical ingredient data from manufacturers while still protecting confidential information and allows them to employ publicly available studies on alternatives that meet California’s rigorous science requirements in order to regulate chemicals in products.

You can help push us to a victory for our health and families! Send a message to your assembly member and Governor Newsom and ask them to make sure SB 392 becomes law!