Let's get a handle on plastic waste in California!

Garbage Can

What we use every day effects the environment.  Single use items such as packaging, paper cups, plastic take out containers, etc. are clogging our waterways, littering our streets, killing our wildlife, and costing us millions in waste management costs.  The problem, while daunting, is also solvable.  As individuals we can avoid throw away materials like single use bags or purchased water bottles, focus on reusables, and demand lesser packaging.  But there is also a need for recycling and composting materials.  The problem has been that not every package is recyclable or compostable because local communities don’t accept the material it contains toxic chemicals that we don’t want to recycle or get into our soil and water (check out that #5 plastic yogurt cup, or that PFAS laden food container). 

That’s why California’s SB 54 and AB 1080 are so important. These bills promote use of reusable products, require producers to limit packaging, and ensure that materials sold in the state are truly recyclable and compostable.   This is the moment when California takes control of its future and takes robust action to stop us sinking under a mountain of waste.  Help us get this important work done. 

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