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NJ_Earth Day Petition 2020 Image

As our society wages a historic mobilization to fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, we must bring the same urgency and collective resolve to our fight against the climate crisis. We are taking unprecedented steps to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infections; we need to treat the climate crisis with similar urgency by flattening and reducing the curve of climate pollutants. The world’s top scientists issued a dire warning in late 2018 with the United Nations panel on climate change report - cut global greenhouse gasses 45% below 2010 levels in this decade, or face runaway climate collapse.

Despite this dire warning, 13 major fossil fuel projects are proposed or moving forward in New Jersey, including new fracked gas pipelines, power plants and compressor stations, a new LNG export terminal, and massive highway expansion proposals. If these 13 projects are put into operation, they would increase greenhouse gas emissions in NJ by over 32%. The Governor has been taking an all-hands-on-deck approach to fight COVID-19 and save lives. He must fight the climate crisis with the same urgency, and end the profound disconnect between his lofty rhetoric and the grim reality that fossil fuel expansion is moving forward under his watch.

We need our state’s leaders to unite with us behind the science, stand up to the oil and gas industry, and say, “No More!” That’s why on this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the original watershed moment in our movement, the Empower NJ coalition is launching an ambitious new petition drive for an unprecedented mobilization on climate.