Protect communities from oil and gas activities

Oil and water. Credit Andrew Grinberg

Because of loopholes in California law, oil and gas wells, pump jacks and storage tanks are often located right next to playgrounds, schools, health care clinics, daycare centers and homes. Meanwhile children, the sick and the elderly are the most sensitive to the pollution produced by oil and gas production.

A bill currently pending in the CA State Senate, AB 345, would help fix this by directing state agencies to require setbacks for any new oil wells, limiting how close they can be to homes, schools, playgrounds, daycare centers, clinics and hospitals. AB 345 was passed by the state Assembly 41 to 29 on January 27, and is now pending in the Senate.  Please contact your Senator and urge them to support AB 345.

Exposure to the pollutants released during oil and gas production can result in headaches, nose bleeds, dizziness, skin, nose and eye irritation. Long term exposure can lead to cancer, asthma, heart problems and a long list of other pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

Send a message to your state Senator now.