Protect the Upper Harbor Termnal Site

Upper Harbor Terminal -- credit Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

We live here because of water – the rivers and lakes draw us and add to our quality of life.  Minneapolis is recognized internationally for our parks and access to our lakes and rivers.  We now have the opportunity to add to this great system.

The Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) site is more than 48 acres of public city-owned land in North Minneapolis’ 4th Ward on the banks of the Mississippi River.  Redevelopment offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to add a mile of riverfront parks and trails, better connect residents with the river and support community investment, equity and wealth-building.

As exciting as this opportunity is, the City of Minneapolis is moving too quickly to approve a plan that allows private companies to take the lead and reap the majority of benefits.  The current proposed plan features a private concert venue and hotel, less parkland and river access than originally called for, and less opportunity for community revitalization. It fails not only in the process used to create it, but it fails to meet the criteria set forth by North/Northeast Green Zone & Promise Zone goals and has no alignment with the city Climate Action Plan goals.

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