Take action to protect Rhode Island families from toxic PFAS chemicals

RI_PFAS action .jpg

PFAS are a class of human-made chemicals that are incredibly persistent in the environment and also highly toxic.

PFAS have been linked to cancers, birth defects, and other health problems. Unfortunately, they are still found in packaging, including food packaging, as well as in many household items like carpets, outdoor apparel, and even baby bibs.

Clean Water Action is working to pass two bills that will get these dangerous PFAS chemicals out of the products we use every day before these toxins can contaminate our bodies and the environment. 

  • The Toxic Packaging Reduction Act (H7438/S2044) bans PFAS and heavy metals in packaging including food packaging. 
  • The Comprehensive PFAS Ban Act of 2022 (H7436/S2449) prohibits the use of PFAS in specific products like carpets, upholstered furniture, textile furnishings, apparel, cosmetics, juvenile products, cookware, and firefighting foam. It also requires the disclosure of the use of PFAS in all products. 

Take Action! Your legislators need to hear from you. Please contact them today and urge them to protect Rhode Island families from toxic PFAS chemicals.