Urge Elected Leaders to Follow Berkeley's Example and Declare a Climate Emergency

Earlier this month Berkeley unanimously passed a resolution that declared a Climate Emergency. 

Bold climate leaders like Berkeley’s Mayor and city council are needed now as the Trump administration and Republican leaders in Congress throw out decades worth of environmental protections we all fought so hard to pass. The Climate Emergency Resolution calls for Berkeley to address climate change as the actual global threat that it is by ending citywide greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible and initiating a regional Bay Area Just Transition and Climate Mobilization.  

Berkeley is declaring a climate emergency not only because it is the right approach to take towards Climate Change, but also as a statement to all global leaders who will attend the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this September.

Berkeley cannot tackle this global issue alone.  

With predicted sea level rise affecting all coastal communities, fires blazing throughout California, and greenhouse gas emissions increasing the global temperature by 1 °C. The time to act is now!  Let’s live up to the Bay’s reputation of being one of the most progressive regions in the United States.  Urge your Mayor and City Council to join Berkeley in their Climate Emergency Declaration and the regional mobilization.