Urge the Legislature to Take Action on the Forever Chemicals!

Firefighters using PFAS fire fighting foam

As our elected officials consider legislative priorities for this year, we need them to keep SB 1044 (Allen) on their priority list. This bill will restrict the use of PFAS-containing firefighting foams and replace them with safer, effective alternatives.

Why is this bill urgent? Three reasons!  

  1. PFAS foams hurt our firefighters. Tests show that they have higher than average levels of these cancer causing chemicals. Cancer has become a bigger killer of firefighters than actual fires.
  2. PFAS has already been detected in water supplies that are meant to serve 7.5 million Californians and the foams are a major contributor. Treatment will be expensive and with the economic issues we will face after this pandemic, we cannot afford to keep polluting our drinking water.
  3. PFAS interfere with the efficacy of immunizations.  As we search for a Covid-19 vaccine, can we also continue to pump these chemicals into our environment and our bodies?  

We need to do what we can to protect our health, especially now.  Ask your legislators to support SB 1044.