Water is a Public Resource in Michigan

Lake Michigan, photo: flickr.com/elviskennedy  (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Our state is defined by water, and in Michigan our water belongs to the people. But we don’t always act like water is our most importance resource.

For too long, vague laws have allowed corporations like Nestle to chip away at our water rights. While they may not be able to take tanker trucks full of water or build pipelines to other states, they can still take massive amounts of our water, bottle it in containers of 5.7 gallons or less, and sell it back to us at a huge profit. We must act now to protect our water rights and ensure that Michigan’s water is never for sale.

In December, three bills (HB 5290, HB 5291, and HB 5292) were introduced in the Michigan State House that would protect our water and end the ability of corporate special interests like Nestle to sell our publicly owned, state entrusted water. Join us in calling on all State House Representatives to support this essential bill package.

Send a message to your state rep -- ask them to support these bills so Michigan starts protecting our water like a public resource!