What We Don't Know CAN Hurt us: Tell California to take action on PFAS

2022 California PFAS Legislation

We need your help to pass innovative legislation that identifies sources of PFAS into California's environment and restricts their use at the source.   Act now!

PFAS are in our bodies, our food, and water because they are used in everyday consumer products, as well as industrial processes. The problem is that while we do not produce these man-made "forever chemicals" in California, they enter in everything from dental floss to industrial lubricants. But given that we don’t know which products contain PFAS, it is a guessing game as to how PFAS are getting into our environment and our water agencies are struggling to manage or stop the contamination.

That’s why Clean Water Action is co-sponsoring AB 2247 (Bloom), which will require manufacturers whose consumer or industrial products are being sold into California, to report the presence and amount of PFAS in those products on a publicly accessible database. This will be a first in the nation tool that can be used by law-makers, water agencies, regulators, and consumers to understand the major sources of PFAS in order to better manage their impacts on health and the environment. It will also be an important tool for state businesses who want to limit PFAS in their products or processes.

We need to weigh in so that industrial interests don’t stop these important bills. Tell your Senator that you want California to require disclosure of all PFAS entering the state and to stop its uses at the source - take action today!

Update 8-30-22 - AB 2247 is moving through the legislature. We now need Governor Newsom's support. Please send a message today and ask him to sign PFAS disclosure into law.