Jennifer Kunze - Maryland Coordinator

image from Keith Lasoya at Waste Neutral

Maryland's Organic Waste Diversion Mandate: Making it Work

July 27, 2022

Last year, we worked hard to pass HB264/SB483, which moves Maryland toward Zero Waste by making sure the the biggest producers of food waste are composting it if they can. And this year, it's time for those new rules to be put into action!

Curbside Composting in Key City

April 6, 2022

On Thursday, April 7, the Frederick City Mayor and Board of Aldermen are considering a pilot program for curbside compost! Under this contract, Key City Compost - which is in process of expanding its compost site just north of Frederick City - would partner with the city to pick up and compost food scraps from 800+ homes in two areas of the city, in the the Golden Mile corridor and downtown.

Toxic for People & Planet projected on BRESCO by the Backbone Campaign

Testimony for HB11, the Reclaim Renewable Energy Act

March 4, 2022

Testimony Supporting HB11

House Economic Matters Committee

March 4, 2022

Position: SUPPORT

Dear Chair and Members of the Committee,