Jon Scott - Member Services and Corporate Relations

Swift River, White Mountain National Forest. Credit: haveseen / Shutterstock

On Being a Clean Water Voter in the Granite State

October 25, 2016

I moved to New Hampshire in 1989 and have seen many things change since then. In addition to raising two fine young men (with my wife) and enjoying the state’s friendly people and great natural beauty, I’ve gotten to participate first-hand in the grassroots democracy for which the state is also famous.

Shopping Frenzy

November 27, 2015

By now, you and everyone else online, has been buried in shopping promotions. Here are my personal tips, as someone who’s been part of Clean Water Action for more than 30 years:

  1. Shop smarter, greener. Whenever possible, I try to buy local, from people and businesses in my community. I rely on Fair Trade and Organic certification to help make sure my purchases are better for people and the planet. Or, and this is a radical idea, I don't buy anything at all.

Back to the Future -- Water in Trouble Again

February 3, 2012

Not too long ago, things were pretty bad for our water. Unchecked industrial discharges and poorly-treated sewage in our water meant that massive fish-kills were commonplace.