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Stop the dirty water rule!

The Dirty Water Rule - A Lump of Coal in Everyone's Stocking

December 13, 2018

We just got our hands on EPA's Dirty Water Rule and it's what we thought it would be -- a direct assault on the Clean Water Act. The Dirty Water Rule could have easily been written by the corporate special interests who have wanted to peel back protections since the Clean Water Act was passed more than 45 years ago.


OK, What's Next?

November 7, 2018

Yesterday voters made it clear that we're done. Done with the status quo, done with our elected officials paying more attention to corporate campaign donors. Done with the stranglehold the oil and gas industry and other special interests have on our democracy.  Done with nothing but rhetoric full of racism, fear, and prejudice from the President. Done with politicians offering talking points instead of solutions.

 Capitol Dome with flag

Congress is massively failing the public

September 18, 2018

Despite the fact that I knew, in real time, how many members of Congress were voting to wipe out protections for our water, supporting an agenda to walk back action on climate, and putting the short-term profits of campaign donors before the needs of the public, I was a little shocked at the terrible scores.

Smokestack and stop sign

We Can't Afford the Dirty Power Scam

August 21, 2018

President Trump and Acting Administrator Wheeler are ditching a carefully crafted program that addressed the climate crisis. They are putting our health at risk, and our future, by catering to their fossil fuel industry cronies. This is bad attempt to prop-up 20th century energy companies while trying to slow the transition to clean energy.

Capitol Building - Washington DC

Two Hundred Thirty-Eight Against Clean Water

May 22, 2018

238 Members of Congress put the needs of corporate polluters, developers, and industrial agriculture before the priorities of their constituents.

David Zwick Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

Celebrating THE Clean Water Champion

February 8, 2018

David knew that an organizer's job is never really done and he made sure everyone knew that. We can’t get comfortable just because you won one fight, or two or ten. We have to keep organizing and educating and engaging. We have to stay involved. It's the only way to protect our water, our health, our families. 

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The State Of Our Union is [insert term]

January 30, 2018

Polluted, corrupt, opaque, in denial - our union is all of those things right now. But it won't stay that way. Because we won't let it. 

Peter Lockwood

A Champion for Clean Water: Peter Lockwood

January 22, 2018

If you want to make change, you have to get involved. It's an ethos we live by at Clean Water Action and it was embodied by one of our founding board members, Peter Lockwood.

Peter was a tax lawyer and a champion for clean water. He was a law clerk for Justice Thurgood Marshall during his first term on the Supreme Court. He traveled to the south during Freedom Summer and was part of the civil rights movement throughout the 60s. He helped found Clean Water Action in 1972 and was a guiding light for the organization for more than 40 years. He will be missed, sorely.

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2017 in Review

December 21, 2017

2017 has been full of challenges. Because of Clean Water members and activists, we've been able to face up to them.  Here are just a few highlights.

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Scott Pruitt: Rigging The System Against Clean Water

December 15, 2017

This proposal is a pathetic attempt to hide the fact that even Scott Pruitt knows he can't justify his reckless plan to repeal commonsense protections for precious water resources, including drinking water sources. If Pruitt truly cared about clean water, he would instruct EPA to enforce the Clean Water Rule as soon as his agency is able to. But he knows once people see the Rule works and his special interest talking points claiming government overreach have no basis in reality, his case to eliminate the Rule will collapse.