Protecting our Waterways from Development

Clean Water Action believes that when new development is built next to rivers a forested buffer has proven to be the best way to protect water quality. Clean Water Action has advocated for requiring these protections on all Pennsylvania waterways but especially those streams and rivers that are classified as the best of the best. Clean Water Action has worked to identify weaknesses in government policies and partner with local governments to use zoning as a tool for implementing buffer requirements.

From We All Live Downstream

A construction site where uncontrolled sediment is flowing into a storm drain
November 10, 2016

The Monocacy River is a vital source of drinking water, recreation, and tourism in Frederick County, but its water quality is dangerously impaired.  This year's update to the Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan contains key provisions that will prevent pollution from entering the Monocacy, restore its biodiversity, and protect it for both drinking water and recreation for future generations.