Safer Chemicals for California

Keeping Drugs Out of Our Waterways: Safe Drug Disposal Program

Clean Water has joined with local government, wastewater professionals, senior citizen advocates, and those concerned with drug abuse to stop unused or out of date drugs from getting into the environment or into the hands of those who will misuse them.

Chemical Policy Reform

Did you know that there are approximately 80,000 chemicals in commercial use but that in the U.S. little toxicity information is required to bring a chemical or product containing chemicals to market?

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California Currents | Fall 2022

In This Issue: Big Changes Mean It Is Important to Vote! | Make Sure You Are Prepared to Vote! | Protecting Drinking Water Users in California | Celebrating Huge Legislative Victories! | Mission Accomplished: Health and Safety Buffer Zone Unlocked! | ReThink Disposable Goes National  | A ReThink Disposable Champion: House of Dim Sum

From We All Live Downstream

Clean Water Action is proud to co-sponsor Assemblymember Richard Bloom's AB 2247 - because we have t
August 9, 2022

September 2022 Update: This bill has passed the California Assembly and Senate! We now need to make sure AB2247 is signed into law by Governor Newsom. Click here to send him a message today.