Join Our Summer Fundraiser for Clean Water!

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We celebrated a victory recently when we helped ban toxic PFAS chemicals in food packaging and firefighting foam in Connecticut! We couldn't have done this without you!

We are now building on this incredible win for our water by launching a summer fundraiser to tackle water and plastic pollution in Connecticut. We have a summer goal to raise $15,000 towards our clean water and plastic pollution programs. Will you help us meet our goal?

Donate Now!

Your donation will help power our campaigns to:

  1. Advocate for expanded monitoring of PFAS in water sources, push for health protective drinking water standards and continue work with policy makers to reduce PFAS and plastic pollution by restricting unnecessary uses of PFAS in products. 
  2. Host virtual forums on the health and environmental impacts of PFAS chemicals, share our ReThink Disposable program on cost-effective and safe ways that businesses and schools can reduce single use plastics and disposal dishware and strategies to protect our environment by reducing waste.
  3. Prevent more pollution from the proposed gas power plant in Killingly, CT and the tentative plan to expand the ash dump in Putnam, CT that will destroy sensitive wetlands and cause further contamination to sensitive waters.

We simply can’t do this work without the generous support of members and friends like you! Please consider a gift today!

Together, we can meet our financial goal and build on our big win this spring! Thanks in advance for your support.