Maryland Actions

Tell McDonalds to go PFAS free

Tell McDonald's: Go PFAS Free!

More than a million Big Mac boxes are used and thrown out each each day.

Farm field with a pesticide warning sign. Photo credit: Tom Grundy / Shutterstock

Tell the General Assembly: override Governor Hogan's chlorpyrifos veto

This year, the Maryland General Assembly voted to pass a ban on chlorpyrifos in Maryland, but Governor Hogan vetoed the bill.

Break Free From Plastic with Clean Water Action. Source: Canva

Break Free from Plastic in Montgomery County

Plastic pollution is a problem at every stage of its lifecycle: from extracting the fossil fuels needed to create it and processing them into plastic, to their ultimate destination whether that is

Forest in Fall along river

Pass Bill 20-14, Protect Frederick's Water

Frederick County has rules to protect these buffers when land is developed next to a waterway.

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Protect Baltimore from dangerous pesticides!

Clean Water Action has worked for years to reduce the use of dangerous pesticides in Maryland.