Public Hearing to Protect Frederick's Forests

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - 7:00pm

Frederick is losing too much forest to development, but two bills before the County Council right now could change that!

Why is this so important? Read about why Frederick rallied for our forests back in October.

Join us for a public hearing on Tuesday, June 7, at 7PM to speak out for Frederick's forests and Council bills 20-07 and 20-08.

RSVP here to sign up with the County to testify on the bill. Then, at 7PM on Tuesday, you'll need to call 1-855-925-2801 and enter code 8365 during the hearing.

Then, you can choose how you want to participate: press 1 to just listen in, press 2 to record a comment that will be played for the Council and the public to hear, and press 3 to speak to the Council live when it's your turn in the hearing.

RSVP here with us, and we'll give you a call on Tuesday before the hearing to make sure you're all set!