Colorado Water Plan Released

Beaver Pond

In December 2015, Governor Hickenlooper released the first ever statewide water plan. During the 18 month process, hundreds of Clean Water Action members provided public comment.

Water planning is challenging for Colorado, with a history of pitting rural communities against urban areas, and agricultural and mining interests against the public interest. As Colorado’s population continues to grow, the tension for competing demands for a limited water supply exists.

The question is where will Colorado’s future water come from?

The Colorado Water Plan is intended to be a comprehensive road map for Colorado's water future. The planning recommendations include water conservation targets and proposed funding for assessing and restoring Colorado’s rivers  The challenges include water re-use and locating enough natural water storage so as to not invest taxpayer’s money in costly water projects that could adversely impact public health, the environment, and our economy.

The implementation process begins in 2016. Clean Water Action will work with our allies to ensure that the plans principles and goals of water conservation, funding for protecting and improving our rivers and finite water supply are adhered to and not invest in costly and unnecessary water projects.