Connecticut's water belongs to you!

Hartford skyline and Connecticut River. Photo credit: Sean Pavone / iStock

Connecticut's Water Planning Council released its first draft of a statewide Comprehensive Water Plan and is asking for your comments. This plan provides guiding principles for managing the future of Connecticut's water. It addresses the quality and quantity of water for drinking, ecology, business, agriculture, recreation, industry, energy and wastewater assimilation. The draft plan also has the critical goal of encouraging water conservation but needs improvement if we are to put in place a robust and effective water-conservation policy.

Now the Water Planning Council is asking for your comments on this plan.

Your views can help our state and your neighborhood have a healthy water future. Our friends at Rivers Alliance of Connecticut and Connecticut Fund for the Environment have created a wonderful website with an overview of the draft plan. Visit and then submit comments or attend a public hearing. Comments are open to the public until November 20, 2017.