Creating thriving communities and a waterfront for all to enjoy

Map of the Anacostia in DC - Anacostia Waterfront Trust

We are very excited to be part of a new initiative - the Anacostia Park and Community Collaborative (APACC), a project of the Anacostia Waterfront Trust that involves more than a dozen community-based and citywide nonprofit organizations interested in working collectively to "catalyze and assist the transformation of the Anacostia River Corridor in the District of Columbia. The principal objective is to help to create a great socially and economically beneficial civic space, on a clean river, adjacent to healthy, green, diverse, and exemplary communities."

In a changing city with a renewed focus on restoring the Anacostia River, Clean Water Action and our APACC partners are working to realize a vision of improved parklands, with increased community access, for the benefit of long-term and current residents. To reach this goal APACC members will leverage their own capacity and engage members of the community to build a movement around these core objectives:

  1. Healthy, green, diverse, and exemplary communities
  2. Create a great socially and economically beneficial civic space
  3. A clean Anacostia River

Contact us below to become a campaign supporter, and visit this page often for updates.

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