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Pipelines, oil trains, fracking, and offshore oil and gas projects are impacting every corner of New Jersey.

Some of our most environmentally sensitive land and watershed areas are risk. There are pipeline proposals in the Pinelands, Highlands and Delaware River regions...oil bomb trains rolling through neighborhoods in North and South Jersey....and a proposal for a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) terminal and offshore oil drilling off the Jersey Shore.

To fight back, we've formed a powerful new Clean Energy Coalition to phase out dirty energy and transition to clean, renewable and efficient energy that will create more jobs than burning up the planet. We've developed a platform with meaningful benchmarks that will help us meet our goals:

  • Accelerate NJ's transition to a safe, clean energy economy through aggressive but attainable goals: 30% increase in efficiency by 2030 and 100% clean, renewable energy sources by 2050 which will also make the Garden State a hotbed for manufacturing, R&D, construction, installation and maintenance of green technologies and create sustainable jobs;
  • Stop the construction and expansion of the oil and gas industries from new pipelines, explosive Bakken Shale oil and Alberta Tar Sands trains, and LNG gas terminals to fracking and oil rigs wherever they impact New Jersey;
  • Reduce existing equity and environmental justice issues by ensuring vulnerable communities especially benefit as we transition from a dirty to a clean economy. 


Please join the coalition and join us in urging legislative leaders and public officials to sign onto the Clean Energy Platform! 


  1. Accelerate New Jersey's transition to a safe, clean energy future, increase economic security and resiliency, and reduce carbon pollution.

    The Coalition is calling for a 30% increase in energy efficiency and 100% carbon free electricity production by 2030. By 2050, New Jersey can achieve a goal of 100% clean, safe, and renewable energy sources (e.g., wind, solar, water, geothermal) for transport, heating/cooling, and industry. Additionally the coalition is calling for the elimination of subsidies for fossil and nuclear fuels. The policies the coalition supports would make New Jersey a hotbed for manufacturing and R&D for green technologies that coupled with the increases in renewable and efficiency construction, installation and maintenance jobs will assist the workforce as labor demands shift in an evolving economy.

  2. Stop new pipeline projects from cutting through New Jersey communities and environments to service more fracked gas and oil.

    As oil and gas production through fracking mushrooms around the country, New Jersey has become the target for new pipeline expansion projects to get those fossil fuels to market. Since 2009, over a dozen projects have been proposed or constructed, all to service fuels produced by fracking. All of these projects cross environmentally sensitive areas, critical waterways for drinking water supply, densely populated communities, or contaminated sites, resulting in a myriad of serious impacts. Ongoing fights include the South Jersey Gas and NJ Natural Gas Pipelines in the Pinelands, the Penn East gas pipeline near the Delaware River, and the Pilgrim Oil pipelines across the Highlands.

  3. Ban fracking and the dumping of frack waste in New Jersey.

    The Governor has thwarted action to protect New Jersey from fracking and fracking waste over the past five years. Most recently, he vetoed for a second time legislation to ban the treatment and disposal of fracking waste in our state, despite strong bi-partisan support. On Thursday, coalition members called for an override vote on the Frack Waste Ban Bill to protect our communities and drinking water from this toxic, radioactive waste.

  4. Prohibit Bakken Shale crude oil and Alberta Tar Sand products from barreling through New Jersey on explosive oil trains.

    Current regulations allow rail companies to send dangerous, explosive oil shipments through our state without having to disclose the schedule or contents to local emergency personnel, governing bodies, or citizens. Right now up to 30 oil trains a week cut through our state on the CSX line on their way towards Philadelphia. The Norfolk Southern line is also believed to carry Bakken oil shipments. These trains pass densely populated communities and critical water supplies, including the Oradell Reservoir in Bergen County and the Delaware River. An accident, spill, or derailment would have serious safety and public health impacts. The coalition is calling for a ban on Bakken oil rail shipments.

  5. Prevent the construction and expansion of oil and gas industries and facilities in New Jersey communities, off our shoreline, and on our waterways.

    Gas drillers are pushing to export their products to foreign markets, where the prices are higher. There are proposals to industrialize the Delaware River as a gas hub. The New York-New Jersey harbor is being targeted for LNG facilities. Liberty is proposing the Port Ambrose import terminal off the coast of Sandy Hook. A previous proposal by the company was vetoed by Gov. Christie in 2010, and the coalition is calling for similar action by the administration on the current proposal.

  6. Prohibit offshore drilling and exploration of fossil fuel in and around New Jersey's precious waters.

    The Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM)'s 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program could open up areas from Georgia to Virginia to offshore drilling, putting the New Jersey coast at risk. New Jersey has a multi-billion dollar fishing industry up and down its coast, which could be jeopardized by drilling. Commercial and recreational fishing in New Jersey support 50,000 jobs and generate $7.0 billion annually. Sierra Club's Don't Rig Our Coastal Economy report found that New Jersey's coastal tourism industry supports nearly 500,000 jobs, and one out of every six of the state's jobs are linked in some form to its shoreline. Visits to the area generate $16.6 billion in wages and add $5.5 billion to the state's tax coffers. Banning offshore oil drilling is critical to protecting the environment and economy of our coastal areas.

  7. Reduce existing equity and environmental justice issues by ensuring vulnerable communities especially benefit from reductions in fossil fuel related air pollution emission reductions and have fair access to all aspects of the development and utilization of green technologies.


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