Lansing Board of Water & Light

Eckert Power Plant, Lansing

The Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) owns and operates two of largest carbon emitters in Ingham Co – the Eckert coal plant and the Erickson coal plant. The BWL announced last spring that the Eckert power station will be shut down by 2020.  Before the BWL can shut down the Eckert station, BWL customers and board members need to determine the best replacement option. The BWL began this conversation in the fall of 2015 by initiating an Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process. These public planning meetings offered an opportunity for BWL customers to learn about the options and voice their opinion. Options discussed in the meetings included building a new natural gas plant, purchasing power off the grid, and investing in renewable energy like wind and solar.

The Citizens Advisory Committee, appointed by BWL, began deliberations in February and will ultimately make a recommendation to the BWL board in the next few months. The board is expected to make their final decision on next steps for Eckerts replacement sometime in late summer of 2016.

The Erickson power station is slated to close next. BWL says they have a few more years to determine its fate and capacity replacement, though we believe they should begin that process now in order to shut down this dirty coal plant sooner than is required under the new federal Clean Power Plan rules.

Over the next few months, the BWL board will be making some big decisions that will impact the future of mid-Michigan residents for years to come.  We encourage you to participate in this public process and let the BWL know that you support a clean energy future for Lansing.