Putting a Price on Pollution

Riveralk Flooding. Photo by Riverwalk in Providence..jpg

Reducing carbon emissions is essential to fighting climate change and protecting Rhode Island residents and businesses from stronger storms and rising sea levels.

Clean Water Action, as a member of the Energize Rhode Island coalition, is fighting for a solution that can reduce the environmental impacts of warming temperatures, while helping the Ocean State’s economy develop alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels.

That solution is carbon pricing – placing a fee on fossil fuel providers based on the amount of carbon their products release when burned.

The revenue, estimated at $140 million in the first year alone, would go into a fund that would provide rebates to residents and small businesses to compensate for increased energy costs and invest in energy efficiency programs.

Energize Rhode Island is also coordinating its efforts with organizations in and legislators in neighboring states to create regional benefits.

Making carbon polluters pay would reduce emissions, make efficiency a priority and encourage the growth of the Ocean State’s clean, renewal energy sector. That would keep a significant portion of the $3 billion annually going to out-of-state fossil fuel companies here in Rhode Island, creating green jobs for our economy.

To see the legislative proposal and studies on the economic benefits of carbon pricing visit this page.