What is NoVA Healthy Communities?

Aerial View of Chesapeake. Photo credit: Chris Goldberg / Creative Commons - Flickr

Clean Water Action has worked in Northern Virginia for over 30 years to protect and restore local waterways. We partner with local, grassroots members to educate and empower, sharing information on key issues, helping connect residents with their elected officials. We organize action in support of local waterways, the environment and public health. Efforts to identify and engage Virginians at the local community level and on private property around health and environmental issues will guarantee better outcomes in environmental policy and safeguard the health of local residents. Collaborative campaigns can also build a sense of empowerment, helping build stronger communities, and make democracy work.

In 2015, Clean Water helped establish a new coalition, Northern Virginia Healthy Communities, and led the effort to develop a broad and diverse collaborative of organizations and community leaders committed to enhance public health, and protect our region’s watersheds and natural resources. The coalition’s mission is to ensure all people in every community have the tools and resources to easily get involved with meaningful activities that make Northern Virginia a healthy environment in which to live, learn, and work. By strengthening and diversifying the relationships among coalition participants and local community leaders, we can make progress more quickly and build the entire clean water movement in Northern VA.