Winning Elections for Our Water

US Capitol Building at sunrise. Photo credit: trekandshoot/Shutterstock

Since 2006, Clean Water Action has endorsed 1,715 candidates, helping 1,208 (70%) win their races.  In the past three federal election cycles, Clean Water Action spoke with over 1.5 million households, did 950,481 person-to-person voter ID’s and sent over 4.9 million communications to voters.  

We select candidates based on their response to a series of questions on environmental issues, and, for incumbents, their past voting record.  

In the 2015 election cycle, we endorsed in races in Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Jersey.  

  • In Pennsylvania, three candidates we endorsed for State Supreme Court all won, helping ensure that a majority of the Supreme Court supports strong environmental protections.  We also endorse the newly elected Mayor of Philadelphia, several members of Philadelphia City Council and two members of the Montgomery County Commissioners.
  • In Virginia, we endorsed and supported two candidates for state Senate and one for the House of Delegates. All three won, with the House of Delegates candidate winning by just 191 votes.

Please check back for a list of our 2016 endorsements . To request information on our endorsement process, click here.