Defend Minnesota's Nuclear Power Moratorium

Maintain MInnesota's Nuclear Moratorium, take action for a clean energy future

Legislators in the Minnesota House and Senate have once again introduced legislation to lift the moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants in this state, continuing to embrace the idea that nuclear energy is clean, cheap and safe.

It isn't.

  • Nuclear power plants produce toxic waste and to date we haven't found a permanent solution. As a result, “temporary” storage sites in Minnesota have been harboring waste for decades.

  • A new nuclear power plant would cost billions of dollars to construct. That would be subsidized by taxpayers and would become stranded investments to ratepayers into the future.

  • Nuclear facilities require extreme amounts of our water resources – 10s of millions of gallons per day. More reactors will place an extra burden on Minnesota’s rivers, lakes, and streams.

  • Finally, going nuclear is not a viable solution to climate change. Given that reactors are so costly and can require over 10 years to build, it would be impossible to build enough reactors to stop us from going towards a point of no return.


Lifting Minnesota's nuclear power plant moratorium is meant to be a distraction from finding real solutions to climate change when we are quickly running out of time to act. Now is the time to take additional steps to invest in a climate future based on renewable energy – not to open the door to dangerous, expensive and distracting nuclear power.

Let's tell our Legislators to vote against this legislative distraction and continue to make commitments to a brighter future in renewable energy production for Minnesota.