Take Action: Ban Plastic Bags in NJ

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We're taking on single-use disposable plastics - please join us! Contact your Assemblymembers and Assembly Speaker Coughlin to support and pass S864/A1978.

The Problem:

Consumption of disposable plastics has spiraled out of control - we are causing irreparable damage to our environment, marine life, oceans, health, and climate. Plastic pieces on the ocean surface now outnumber sea life 6 to 1. Plastic production from fracked gas is outpacing recycling and is contributing to climate change. Unfortunately, more and more "recyclables" end up being incinerated or landfilled, which costs taxpayers and municipalities millions of dollars every year.  

Plastic contains chemicals like BPA which are absorbed by the body. Studies show that they alter hormones and disrupt the endocrine system. By refusing to use disposable plastic, we can also improve the health of the ocean and environment around us.

Waste and litter from single-use plastics and other disposable products are creating an environmental crisis. We dispose of 100 billion plastic bags every year in the U.S., over 4 billion of which are used and disposed of in New Jersey. These bags are a threat to our health and environment, harming marine life, clogging storm drains, and releasing toxins into our air and water when disposed of by incineration and landfill.

More litter clean-ups and recycling is not the answer.

The Solution:

We need to prevent waste from being generated in the first place. We can easily put an end to our “throw-away” habits by incentivizing REUSE and banning some of the most common throw-away items – single-use disposable bags, plastic straws, and Styrofoam. Over 50 NJ towns have already done so through local ordinance, joined by many other U.S. cities and states, countries, as well as the entire European Union.

S864/A1978 will put a statewide ban on disposable carryout bags, polystyrene foam food containers, and make disposable plastics straws available only upon request. The Senate has already acted and passed S864. Governor Murphy is ready to sign a strong and comprehensive ban on single-use plastics. We need consistency between the Senate and Assembly versions so it reaches the Governor's desk as soon as possible. 

Please contact your Assemblymembers and Assembly Speaker Coughlin to support and pass S864/A1978.