Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same task. It brings a variety of benefits including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering our costs on a household level.

Why access to energy efficiency matters: 

Everyone should have access to weatherization and affordable utilities regardless of their race and income

Underserved and language-isolated communities struggle with high electricity bills while wealthier suburbs access the state’s energy efficiency services at 6–7 times the rate of low- and moderate-income communities and communities of color. 

The Green Justice Coalition has been working to push Mass Saves to reach low-to-moderate income folks, immigrants, people with English isolation, renters, and ensure that the data of who the Program Administration (utilities) are serving is publicly available.  

What are our goals for the new 3yr energy efficiency plan? 

  • Increase support for “moderate income” populations: no cost program increased from 60% to 80% median income

  • Increase types of support: weatherization, electric heat pumps, more efficient appliances

  • More funding for pre-weatherization measures:  mold/leaky roof, asbestos, knob & tube wiring

  • More focus on renters/landlords: focused outreach, incentives

  • Target outreach in specific list of low income & communities of color

  • Language isolation: provide direct connections to follow up services with contractors who speak the needed language, create career ladders for high road jobs, etc.

  • Develop multilingual workforce