The Fight for Safer Chemicals - December 2015

December 16, 2015

Green Purchasing - The Next Frontier

We often don’t think of the state as a large purchaser but in fact, it is and we are working collaboratively with our state’s purchasers to assure that when they are awarding contracts for furniture, flooring, and electronics, that they don’t contain toxic chemicals! Why is this so important?  It not only reduces exposure to toxic chemicals in all of our state buildings but reduces these chemicals from getting into the environment. These large purchasing contracts also help to shift the market to safe alternatives---a win, win, win! The Coalition is proud that already, CT has taken the lead in purchasing flame retardant free furniture and we look forward to more of this work in 2016. 

Flame retardants found in furniture, foam and floors!  New report shows the leaders---and the laggards!

Chemical flame retardants are highly toxic and linked to a number of health problems including cancers, learning and developmental disabilities and infertility and don’t provide any significant fire safety benefit! Rather, when items containing these chemicals burn, the smoke is more toxic as a result of these chemicals.

Read the report and find out who is moving away from using these toxic chemicals and those that aren’t!

Getting rid of toxic flame retardants—fighting at all levels!

We are excited about a rare opportunity to significantly reduce the use of toxic chemical flame retardants in products. Earth Justice and other groups recently petitioned the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to urge them to use their authority to ban the sale of furniture, children’s products, mattresses and electronic casings that contain organohalogen flame retardants. Coalition members have been working hard to get as many comments in support of the ban into the public docket.  A public hearing, held on December 9th, had over 20 experts from around the country, all urging the Commission to take action and ban the sale of these products containing these toxic chemicals. The docket is open until January 19th so send in your statement here.