Clean Water Action Releases Lame Duck Scorecard

Friday, December 21, 2018

LANSING, MI – After four weeks of what has been the busiest and likely most detrimental lame duck legislative session in state history, Clean Water Action released their lame duck legislative scorecard this morning. Over 230 bills were introduced after the 2018 election, in which Democrats swept to power in all statewide offices and gained seats in both the State House and State Senate.

“During the 2018 election, water was consistently one of the top issues on voters’ minds. They came to the polls in record numbers and elected leaders who promised to champion our Great Lakes and environment,” said Mary Brady-Enerson, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action. “During lame duck, unaccountable lawmakers and corporate lobbyists worked hand in hand to gut protections to those same resources that Michigan voters overwhelmingly supported greater protection for in November. Our lame duck scorecard, really only tracks the worst of the worst – bills that aim to cause irreparable harm to our water, and subvert our democratic values,” continued Brady-Enerson.

Notable scorecard results include one House Republican, Representative Sue Allor, who courageously bucked her caucus on each environmental vote, making her the only member of her party to receive 100% environmental score. Also, every Democratic member of the Michigan Senate received 100% on the environmental section of the scorecard, with the exception of newly-elected Sen. Adam Hollier, who was the only Senate Democrat to vote in favor of keeping Enbridge’s corroding and outdated Line 5 pipeline operating for the next ten years or more, as the state attempts to work out a public-private partnership with Enbridge to build an oil tunnel through the Straits of Mackinac.

“Now that lame duck is over, we want to thank the many lawmakers who voted against all the bills that would make it harder to protect the Great Lakes and easier for corporations and wealthy donors to influence our political process,” said Brady-Enerson. “We also continue to call on Governor Snyder to salvage what’s left of his legacy and end his time as Governor with principled action by vetoing all of the devastating bills that have been brought to his desk during this lame duck session.”


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Mary Brady-Enerson