Clean Water Action Wraps Innovative Project Projected To Eliminate Nearly Six Million Pieces of Packaging in Alameda Each Year

Monday, August 12, 2019

ALAMEDA, Calif. – Clean Water Action’s ReThink Disposable program has completed a hugely successful two-year project in Alameda to “unpackage” the city by helping local food businesses dramatically reduce single-use disposables.

Of Alameda's 300 food businesses, 80 were certified, and 21 had packaging reduction metrics tracked and quantified. Using the data from the 21 Alameda businesses plus packaging reduction metrics from past ReThink Disposable participants, it is projected that the “Unpackaging Alameda” Project eliminates 6,199,840 pieces of single use food ware annually, preventing 32.34 tons of waste, and collectively saving businesses $139,231 a year. 

Vibrant, coastal, and sustained by a nucleus of long-standing and well connected local businesses, Alameda, California was a perfect fit for a two-year pilot project that would be a model for a durable, transformative source reduction plan that can be replicated by cities around the world. 

“We believe this project will inspire other cities by demonstrating what is possible when a community commits to reducing waste, preventing litter, protecting water resources, and having a smaller carbon footprint. Projects like this one, that involve stakeholders across a city, help catalyze a needed cultural shift away from the disposable lifestyle” said Samantha Sommer, Clean Water Action’s ReThink Disposable Program Manager. 

Businesses who undergo the ReThink Disposable certification process receive individualized assistance from trained specialists who offer recommendations for cost-saving practices to reduce single-use food packaging and technical assistance throughout the process. The ReThink Disposable program continues to expand and partner with communities across the state to achieve achieve massive source reduction results. 

Samantha Sommer
1 (415) 369- 9160 ext. 308